Formentera car rental frequently asked questions

Formentera car rental frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Formentera car rental frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Formentera car rental frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is authorized to drive the vehicle?

The only people authorized to drive the vehicle are those who appear as the main driver or additional driver in the rental contract.

What documents are required to withdraw my reservation?
The valid driving license or the international license if you do not belong to EU member countries
Credit card.
The voucher is your reservation.
Photos or photocopies of driving licenses will not be accepted.
• What is the minimum age necessary to drive a vehicle with PROAUTO & ISLA BLANCA?

People requesting authorization to drive the vehicle must be 21 years old and 2 years of experience for groups: A, B, C, D, F… and 25 years and 3 years of experience for groups 2,3,4,5, M,N,P,H,I.

• Are there special conditions depending on the age of the driver?

People under 25 years of age may, as long as they have had a driving license for at least 2 years, request authorization to drive the vehicle by paying a supplement. For more information about the cost of this supplement, consult the Rental Terms and Conditions.

• Can I return the vehicle to a different office than the pick-up location?

With ProAuto you can pick up your vehicle at any of our offices and return it to a different office, thanks to our “One – Way” service. Our One – Way service is available in all our offices on the island of Formentera.

• Can I travel outside FORMENTERA using the rental vehicle?

Under no circumstances can you travel to any of the other islands or peninsula with PROAUTO & ISLA BLANCA cars.

• Is it possible to confirm a specific make and model of vehicle?

At PROAUTO & ISLABLANCA we always try to offer you the vehicle that you choose. If this is not possible, we would give you a vehicle of the same category; and if for reasons of force majeure we do not have a vehicle of the selected category, we will give you a vehicle of a higher category.

• What type of insurance is included in the rental price?

The rental rates include Compulsory automobile insurance and Complementary Civil Liability coverage for damages and losses against third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle and VAT.

What additional coverage and insurance can I purchase to travel safer?

The insurance included in the rental rate does not provide coverage for:
• Damage to tires, rims, vehicle interiors, exterior rearview mirrors, glass and underbody.
• Tire blowouts due to negligence or poor driving.
• Damage caused to the clutch.
• The days the vehicle is stopped until it is repaired.
• Tow truck costs and fines.
These exclusions may be covered totally or partially by expressly contracting, at the time of collection of the vehicle, through extra coverage.

• What type of insurance is included in the rental price in Formentera?

Rentals originating from the Formentera offices have special insurance conditions whereby, even though all of the above applies, there is an excess for damage to the vehicle caused by an accident or theft. The amount of this excess varies depending on the category of the rented vehicle, establishing the following amounts:

Loss, theft or damage caused to goods or objects transported in the vehicle are excluded from the basic insurance.
The FRANCHISE and the exemption from paying the franchise (SUPER CDW: Insurance that covers damage to the rented car) in the event of an accident, theft, loss or loss of some of its parts, is detailed below:
A – €600. Eliminate the excess for €12/day.
B,C- €700. Eliminate the excess for €16/day.
D, E, F, G, G2, M, H, €700. Eliminate the excess for €16/day.
J, K, L, K2. €800. Eliminate the excess for €15/day. 2,3,4,5,N,M, €1500. Eliminate the excess for €18-€27/day

There will be the possibility of reducing the amount of these deductibles to zero by taking out extra special coverage. Those clients who do not wish to contract said insurance are required to leave a deposit for the value of said excess.

• Are the vehicles delivered with a full tank of fuel?

When making the rental contract, the client will be told how much fuel and what type there is in the vehicle. The client agrees to return the vehicle as it was delivered. If you bring it with less quantity, you will be charged the difference according to the table published at the rental counters.

Clear prices in the fuel policy.

• How can I modify or cancel my reservations?

If you have made your vehicle reservation through our website, the reservations department will assist you. (check cancellation and return conditions)

• What does it cost to cancel my reservation if I have pre-paid through the website? Will they refund my money?

You can cancel your reservation at any time without any cost as long as it is canceled at least 72 hours before the reservation date, if the cancellation is less than 72 hours. before the reservation date, no refunds will be accepted.

For early returns of current contracts, 48 hours’ notice will be given for any modification or refund of the amount, the price will be recalculated according to the period of days of the current rate.

If you have any questions, contact us:

• Can I pay for the rental contract with a debit card?

Yes, but in that case it is mandatory to leave a deposit that will depend on the contracted coverage. If you do not have excess exemption coverage, a deposit equal to or greater than the amount of the excess must be paid.

• Is the vehicle picked up directly at the port terminal or should I go somewhere else?

They must go to the offices of the central reservation company, which are located in the port of La Savina.

Location Google Maps Proauto central reservation office:,1.4088034,15.91z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0: 0x5922fee3a4afeea8!2sProauto+Rent+a+Car!8m2!3d38.732866!4d1.4142857!3m4!1s0x0:0x5922fee3a4afeea8!8m2!3d38.732866!4d1.4142857

• Who will install the accessories that I reserve as extras?

Once the accessories have been collected from our office, it is the customer who is responsible for correctly installing the accessories in the vehicle. In the case of incorrect installation, Autollorm Tallers, hereinafter ProAuto Isla Blanca, is not responsible for any damages caused.

• What should I do if I want to extend the duration of my contract?

If you have not yet picked up the car, you can modify your reservation at any time by calling the reservation center or sending it to
If you have already collected the car and want to extend the duration of your contract, you must go with your rental vehicle to the nearest ProAuto & Isla Blanca office. Contract extensions cannot be made over the phone. Check the section about our offices to find out which office is closest to your location.

• Is there any type of refund if I deliver my vehicle before the end date of my contract?

If you return your vehicle before the end date that appears in your rental contract, the money will be refunded for the unused days adjusted to the days of rental use.

• How can I request an invoice for my rent?

You can request the invoice corresponding to your rental contract by sending an email to In that same email you must indicate the contract number. Our administrative colleagues will send you the details of your invoice via email.

Contact us to receive your vehicle at your own accommodation anywhere on the island.
No extras or surprises: Rates include mandatory insurance and taxes.
Comprehensive insurance with deductible depending on the model.
Delivery of the vehicle with enough fuel and you return it the same.
Safety: All motorcycles include two helmets in the price.
Totally unlimited mileage without any type of restriction.
Consult OFFERS for rentals of more than 8 days and for more than 14 days.
Technical assistance on the road at all times by a great team of professionals.
Consult for supplements and extras such as baby and child seats, or deliveries and returns outside of office hours.
Formentera’s newest and widest range of vehicles; Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Dacia, Meharï Clasico, Suzuky, Jeep, Renault, Mercedes, Critröen, Aprilia, Honda, Piaggio. From economical vehicles to luxury vehicles, family vehicles, minivans, 4×4, SUVs, electric…


The newest and most modern Formentera rental cars

We renew our fleet of rental cars every year so you always have the possibility of driving a completely new car or one with very few kilometers, without forgetting the safety and comfort of a new car with the latest technologies.

Totally free car delivery and collection

You can pick up your rental car at the Savina port upon the arrival of the Ibiza ferry or even request delivery of your car to your own accommodation or any other point on the island. You can also pick up the car at the office that best suits you and return it to a completely different one.

The rental price includes taxes and mandatory insurance

The price and all the OFFERS that you will find on the website are final without extras or surprises. All taxes and mandatory insurance are included in the price of the online reservation so you don’t have to think about hiring or extra payments.

SPECIAL OFFERS and low prices

We are continually reviewing all the real-time prices of our online reservations in order to always offer you the best car rental price in Formentera, as well as publishing special offers and discounts.

You will be attended to at all times

We have our own technical roadside assistance anywhere on the island to help you with any unforeseen event that may arise. Roadside assistance always during office hours.

Electric car rental in Formentera

We have the widest diversity of electric car rental models in Formentera, with new, state-of-the-art electric cars with brands such as BWM or the mythical and famous Mehari with its electric version; the e-mehari.