General conditions

Reservations and cancellations:



-Driving licence (valid).
-Copy of the printed voucher or in mobile support.


The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect working order, which he/she verifies at the moment of taking charge of it; acknowledging being informed of the type of fuel that the vehicle requires and undertaking to return the vehicle in the same conditions in which he/she receives it.

The lessee undertakes to pay all penalties imposed for non-compliance with the rules of the road and to notify the lessor at the time of settlement.

The lessee shall be responsible both civilly and criminally for any liability that may arise from the use of the rented vehicle and under no circumstances may it be used for the transport of goods, especially if they are illegal.

With reference to the provisions of the previous article, the lessee is insured against civil liability to third parties by means of an insurance policy taken out by the lessor with an insurance company, and against damage to persons in accordance with the measures and conditions established in the Regulations of Compulsory Insurance.

The lessee undertakes to carry with him the document issued by this company, to show it if required by the authorities or any person of this company.

The rental company reserves the right not to rent the vehicles if, in its opinion, it deems it appropriate to do so. Likewise, the lessor may withdraw the rented vehicle if the lessee misuses it, or if the vehicle is driven in poor physical condition due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.

Under no circumstances will it be permitted to sublet or drive the rented vehicle to persons other than the contracting client, except with the express consent of the lessor.

MINIMUM AGE: 21 years of age and 2 years of experience for all groups and 25 years of age and 3 years of experience for groups 2,3,4,5,M, N.

YOUNG DRIVER: From 21 to 24 years old, for accident reasons, an extra charge of 3€ per day will be made and they will not be able to take advantage of the excess exemption.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER (Optional): The rate to include an additional driver is 3 €/day, up to a maximum of 35 €.

INCLUDED: VAT, comprehensive insurance (CDW: Insurance covering damage to the rented car) with excess 500 € – 2500 € (depending on car group), unlimited mileage, port charges, local taxes and fees.


  • Child seat group 0-3, €4/day.
  • Booster seat €3/day.Maximum charge of 54€ per unit.

Request in observations for the reservation of the required model.

FRANCHISES AND INSURANCE: (Optional to be taken out when the vehicle is collected).

Loss, theft or damage caused to goods or objects transported in the vehicle are excluded from the basic insurance.
The FRANCHISE and the exemption from payment of the excess (SUPER CDW: Insurance that covers damage to the rented car) in the event of accident, theft, loss or loss of some of its parts, is detailed below:


  • Groups/Groups A, X: 600€.
  • Groups/Groups B, C, C1, 700€.
  • Groups/Groups C2,C3, D,D1,F,G,K2,G2,L,K,J,HH,H,I,2: 800€.
  • Groups/Groups N,P,P-2,D2,VV: 1.000€.
  • Groups/Groups 3,4,5,4-4: 2.500 €.

** In group 4, 5 and 4-4 models, the total franchise of the model will be blocked or may be reduced with the elimination of this, whose reduction and blocking will be 1000€ + vat.

FRANCHISE EXEMPTION (optional): vat included in the price/day

  • Grupo / Groups A: 12 €
  • Grupo / Groups B, C,C1,C2, D,: 14 €
  • Grupo / Groups C3,D1, F, G, G2: 16€
  • Grupo / Groups D2,H,HH,I,J, K,K2, L, M, 2, VV: 16 €
  • Grupo / Groups N, 3: 25 €
  • Grupo / Group 4,5,P,P-2,4-4: 27 €

Insurance coverage WHEELS AND TYRES :

-Grupo A : 2€/day
-Grupo B,C,C1,C2,C3, D,G,G2,J,K,H,HH,2 : 3€/day
-Grupo 3,4,5,4-4 ,VV,D1, D2, L,N,P,I,M,FP,P-2: 4€/day
vat included.

If the client leaves the keys inside the locked car, he/she will be charged 15€ for the displacement of the double keys. In the event of an accident, the company will replace the vehicle if necessary, provided that the rental conditions have not been violated.


Payments resulting from improper use by the client: The client, after the end of the rental of the vehicle, agrees to pay the amounts resulting from the following concepts:

1) Charge for “special cleaning” for expenses arising from an extra cleaning service as a consequence of the manifestly inadequate state of the vehicle at the time of its return, with a maximum amount of 150€.

2) Charges for the loss of documents and vehicle keys, and/or sending the set of vehicle keys to the corresponding office, in cases of loss, breakage, return of the vehicle keys to an office other than the one where the vehicle is actually returned, or any other situation in which the vehicle is paralysed for reasons attributable to the customer, for an amount of up to 250 €.

2b) If the customer leaves the keys inside the locked car, he/she will be charged 15€ for the removal of the double keys.

3) The cost of moving the vehicle with a tow truck in the cases foreseen in the various clauses of this Contract.

4) Expenses arising from the loss, deterioration or damage to rims, tyres (including punctures and burst tyres), windows, rear-view mirrors, the interior of the vehicle as well as problems arising from an error in the type of fuel used.

5) Fines, penalties and legal costs due to traffic offences or infringements of laws, regulations or ordinances, incurred by the client during the term of this Contract that have been paid.

6) Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company reserves the right to charge the customer an additional €25 for administrative costs incurred as a result of the costs of processing and reporting such acts to the relevant authorities.

7) The costs of repairing damage caused to the vehicle in the event of an accident, when any of the following circumstances occur:

– That the vehicle was not used in accordance with the established conditions.

– Driving negligence without making proper use of the vehicle.

– Driving without respecting the traffic laws established by the DGT.


In the event of wishing to extend the rental period that appears in the contract, the following steps must be followed:

Go to the nearest office at least 24 hours before the initial end of the rental contract. The person in charge will check that the vehicle is available for the new dates requested.
Carry out a check of the vehicle together with an agent of the company.
Pay the rental and the new additional charges.
Sign a new Rental Agreement or an addendum to the initial agreement.

In the event that the client does not proceed in the terms indicated and does not return the vehicle on the agreed date and time, the client will be charged the current rate for the extra days plus a 50% penalty.
The company reserves the right to refuse the extension request for operational reasons.

Under no circumstances will extensions be made by telephone and/or e-mail. It is absolutely essential to carry out the above procedure in any of our offices.


The fuel policy that will be carried out in the delivery of the vehicle will always be transparent always trying in the first place to follow a policy Full – Full, the company may opt for other policies of delivery and return of fuel indicating at the rental counters the additional fuel charges. In the event that the hirer returns more fuel, the company undertakes to make a refund for the difference, on request of the consumer at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

These are at the expense of the hirer. If the customer makes a mistake when filling up with the wrong fuel, the repair costs (*4) will be charged to the hirer 150 € + vat. The vehicle will be delivered ready to drive and with enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol station.


It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain at all times adequate and sufficient charge of the battery of the rented electric vehicle.
In the event of assistance due to a flat battery, the customer shall bear all costs incurred (towing, travel expenses, etc.) and the vehicle will only be replaced if there is availability. This replacement (if possible) will be carried out at our offices, with an extra charge of 50 € for the delivery of the vehicle outside our offices.
In the event that there are no vehicles available for replacement, the customer will have to wait for the time necessary for the battery to be fully recharged. It will be at the customer’s expense and risk to travel to our offices.
When the vehicle is returned, it must have a minimum of 30% of battery. Otherwise, a charge a extra day ,will be made.
There are different public recharging points (both free and paid) all over the island. You can see the network of charging points on the website: 


In cases where a vehicle included in Categories j,k,k2,g,g2,vv,m,2,3,4,5 is rented, the General Rental and Insurance Conditions plus the following specific conditions shall apply:

The client has to check the bonnet and structure of the Jeep,Suzuki,Mehari object of rental, confirming its perfect state of conservation and functioning.

The client is aware and accepts that:

Any damage or loss to the canopy or its structure, whether accidental or intentional, is not covered by any type of insurance and you will have to pay for its repair or replacement in full (if it cannot be repaired).
Due to its configuration, any damage to the metal structure is likely to require full replacement as there are no loose parts. Damage to the canvas is not repairable and the damaged and/or missing part(s) will be replaced.
The charge for damage or loss of the canopy or its components can be up to € 2,500 according to the published “Damage and loss rate”.

The customer will receive instructions on how to fold or unfold the canopy from the company. In case of doubt once the rental has started, he/she should contact the nearest office of the company, where he/she will receive help to carry out the operation.


At the time of delivery and return, the company undertakes to check the condition of the vehicle if the customer so requests, as well as requesting a copy of the vehicle delivery report, with details of the vehicle, if the customer so requests.

Note: Shuttle Service, depending on the dates of delivery and return of the vehicle, in order to expedite the customer’s stay and congestion of the port area.
(This service can be activated by the rental company between 01/05 and 31/09).

Night bookings: (optional extra) Outside of these hours a surcharge of 35€ VAT included, from 21:00h to 23:59h.
Pick up office Autos Isla Blanca.


The company only guarantees the reserved model in those vehicles indicated without the “similar” option. If the vehicle you have booked is indicated as “SIMILAR”, you may be given the selected model, one within the same group and with similar features or a vehicle belonging to a higher group. If, due to force majeure, the group or model booked cannot be provided, you will be offered alternatives from a group of a higher category, at no additional cost to the customer.


-If the cancellation is made more than 72 hours before the date and time of the reservation will be refunded the amount paid and 48H for vehicles already rented with refund in advance (In case of return will be recalculated to the days of possession of the same of the current rate).


Debit cards are NOT accepted for the deposit (a CREDIT CARD must be presented when collecting the vehicle). The payment of the amount of the online booking will ALWAYS be made on arrival with a CREDIT CARD. NO AMEX NO DINERS CLUB

Conducir en Europa / Driving in Europe / Conduire en Europe / Autofahren in der EU


Minimum rental one day. One day is understood to mean 24 hours from the time of rental or from the time chosen at the time of booking.
The renter declares to be in possession of the corresponding driving licence for the rented vehicle.
Any dispute that may arise in relation to this contract, the parties expressly submit to the legally applicable jurisdiction. (it is compulsory to present a CREDIT CARD when collecting the vehicle).


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